A Fashion Guide for Men

by Robbie

From leading at the office to succeeding at dinner parties: rejuvenating your fashion style will give you the push you need to stand out from the crowd. Looking younger starts with your clothes. This way you will get rid of years with these simple tricks.

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It’s not about dressing like a twenty-something, but about showing your best version, getting a little closer to trends and taking advantage of fashion to improve your image. Being a mature man is sexy, or else they tell Jon Hamm. The key is knowing how to enhance those qualities that, like wine, improve over the years. But it’s not about putting years on you either. Mature does not mean old. Dress with class and win the battle against time, with an always young spirit. This is how you can become the perfect modern day man and look younger in your clothes.

Size Matters

The most common mistake when it comes to dressing is choosing the wrong size. One above yours will add years to you and one below, kilos. To avoid these undesirable effects, take your time and find out which garment size suits you and not the other way around: review both your trousers and your sweaters, shirts, coats, t-shirts.

Neither old school nor new age

Men like David Beckham or George Clooney are the first to mix classic elements with trends, and you should do the same.

  1. Socks : they are the new object of desire in fashion. If you don’t have a pair with a pineapple print, go to your nearest store and get them, because this little gesture will radically rejuvenate your look.
  2. Say NO to loafers and hello to Oxford shoes (renewed). This traditional English will save your day and fill it with style.
  3. The footwear that is worn in the world of powerful men is classic with modern airs or sporty with conservative overtones. 
  4. The only thing you can be 100% traditional in is the watch. This complement gives statusand that does not mean age.
  5. Patterned ties are a resounding YES. It is the star accessory to subtract years at a stroke. Small patterns such as dots, squares or floral motifs will be your best ally.
  6. Scarves and handkerchiefs, if you’ve never tried wearing them, it’s about time. They will give a cool touch to your office days.
  7. Sweatshirts without a hood are allowed. But try not to have too many graphic elements and big patterns that don’t look cool. 

Becoming a Gentleman

There are a number of garments and combinations that are wonderful. They rejuvenate style, have character, and never fail.

  1. It is essential to have a pair (at least) of straight, dark jeans without any rips. They go with everything and they will fix you on Saturday nights.
  2. Wear jackets with a shirt and no tie. Although it is not a revolutionary idea, you will find that it is extremely attractive.
  3. Never underestimate the power of the knitted sweater. This garment is warm and flattering. Tip: identify if the v-neck or round ones suit you better. And take risks from time to time combining them with a shirt and tie (on the inside).
  4. Be smart about the use of color. This means, no fluorescent, strident or any kind of orange tones.
  5. Bet on a base color (white/black) and add garments in neutral tones (gray / blue / beige / green).

Casual looks

One of the styles most used by men is the casual look as this is such a comfortable and easy look to wear and it is characterized by being what some may say, “disheveled”. With a casual look you can be informal but elegant and not boring. Now, if you have no idea how to combine this look, here we will teach you certain tricks and we will give you tips so you can get the perfect look.

What is casual style? The first thing we must do is explain what all this particular style is about, as this is one of the looks that men use the most on a daily basis without making too many adjustments. This style is characterized by these types of clothes:

  • Jeans
  • shirts
  • Basic t-shirts
  • Coats
  • Bermuda
  • Chinese pants
  • Sneakers
  • Other kind of shoes

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If you need to wear glasses, then you should certainly look at what styles will best suit. Glasses don’t have to stop you looking fashionable. Your glasses could match the color of your suit for example or maybe your glasses could be black to fit in with your overall color scheme and eye color. The list truly is endless and with a casual look you can get away with a lot of things! 

There are however, certain fashion garments that, although they are very comfortable, are not considered ‘casual ‘. For example, a tracksuit is not casual, since it is something that we use at home to be more comfortable, but it is highly prohibited to wear it outside the home. It is definitely more of a sportswear look, which is fine too but should be used only in these ways to achieve a stylish look. In turn, some chinos may be casual, but they are somewhat uncomfortable to wear. And here is the most interesting part, the one that we give you the keys to achieve a casual look. There are thousands of looks and articles talking about looks, but the important thing is to understand the keys so that everyone can create their own look, adapted to their personal style. Patterns can certainly look good when done properly. A pattern that you can never miss in your wardrobe is striped or plaid. However, we recommend that you give a chance to the different graphics that exist today, in addition to the flower patterns that are so much in trend. These are great so you can wear a casual style.

There is an infinite variety of ‘casual’ style shoes that you can use, but you must be very careful when combining the colors, since we want you to look good, but not to make a fool of yourself in front of your friends. Earth-toned shoes can look great, but they can’t be worn with an outfit that doesn’t match shades.

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It is also important to pay close attention to the accessories that you will use for your casual style, as you must be very careful not to look overloaded. Try to choose accessories that go with your style without making them stand out too much, since all we want is to complement the look much better. Remember that whilst comfort is the most important thing, you should be sure to put a little fashionable twist on it too. 

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A man may seek to define himself with a more modern and current style using avant-garde accessories that add style to his way of dressing. It is essential to convey your personality, showing a more confident and finished image when socializing in diverse environments.  Want to see which accessories have made it in the twenty-first century and which ones you could use to adapt your style? Ok let’s break it down: 

  1. The bowtie has partially replaced the use of the tie, giving a more classic but modern touch, being worn more frequently in ethnic tones and textures, providing personality without losing elegance.
  2. The “hat” or hat is a very practical accessory with a double function, it protects us in the sun when it is worn during the day and complements our “outfit” in the evening or in the winter to keep warm.
  3. The bag (or sometimes known as the man bag), is a very useful accessory that makes it easier for modern men to be able to better handle themselves when transporting various items for personal or work use.
  4. A great leather wallet in the color of your choice and a Smartphone should be at the forefront of your technology fashion.
  5. A good watch and the right footwear say a lot about a man’s personality, there are infinite options that fit his needs and budget, the retro wave in these two accessories strengthens the style of a confident man.
  6. Socks no longer have to be boring, there is a new trend in styles and forms that can combine with your “outfits” giving a fresh and youthful wave without breaking your dress code.
  7. The perfume (or cologne) is our identity code, choosing the right fragrance is crucial, the mannered tones make a direct link with masculinity.
  8. The sunglasses as well as the bracelets and pendants if they are well chosen can be a perfect complement. The “aviator” style is very well established in sunglasses, the metal and leather buttons provide a very “chic” style.

Although our body is the primary accessory, a new and excellent trend is the fitness lifestyle. A healthier diet accompanied by exercise, guarantees us better health and an aesthetically attractive body to wear our accessories with greater safety. Looking good and feeling good is vital for all men, so it’s time to get stylish.

*This post features contributed content. 

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