by Robbie

With all the talk out of New England and indeed the NFL in the last few months relating to the end of the TB12 Era, the Patriots today created a new talking point by releasing their new 2020 uniforms in a twitter video.

All the chatter in the lead up to the release revolved around whether they would make major changes to start a new era and decade, but thankfully they have stuck to what fans know and love the most and that is by making their “Colour Rush” uniforms their primary uniform.

As per the Patriots, the home Color Rush uniform remain the same — blue with blue pants and bold stripes on the shoulders. The road uniforms are white with blue pants and stripes on the shoulders.

The Patriots also hinted that if the NFL ever changes its helmet rules, they might bring back red uniforms as well. I for one am a fan of the red jersey which just totally seemed to go against the grain for the tried and tested Pats colour schemes.

I for one am glad they have stuck with these tried and tested uniforms, as well as moving away from the old school numbering from ‘back in the day’. As well as starting fresh in the QB department, the Pats will also be running out with some modern looking uniforms and ones that most fans already know and love.

When and if the season starts, we will be looking sharp, and hopefully after a strong draft will be ready to compete once more under Coach Belichick, much to the angst and distain of the rest of the NFL.

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