Keeping fit with Mirafit

by Robbie


With autumn upon us and the cooler darker nights closing in it’s the time of year where we generally wrap up and spend as much time as possible on the sofa with the heating on. This weather can cause people to go into full on hibernation mode after work which can have an effect on daily exercise. I for one would never claim to be the most rounded on the fitness front but mixing up my exercise routine helps to keep me focussed during the colder winter months. Some days I will hit the gym and do full on cardio sessions, other days ill do some weights at the gym and now thanks to the guys at Mirafit I have started do some HIIT workouts in the house and local park.

This variation keeps my mind focussed and I know that if I can’t be bothered heading to the gym, I have the Mirafit Kettle Bells & Resistance Bands to add into a HIIT or weights Circuit. Working with both resistance bands & kettle bells can be a daunting experience if you have never used them before but in all honesty the way I learned to use both pieces of equipment was through YouTube videos. When I say YouTube vids I don’t mean any old random but generally videos from well known individuals from the fitness industry (One of my faves are HASFit).

If you have never used this equipment before you should know that although they are only two pieces of equipment, there are literally shed loads of exercises you can do with them (I will add a favourite workout of mine that will get your heart pumping at the end). With a kettlebell I would urge anyone to go to their local gym for a familiarisation with them before buying home weights, this will help you gauge the starter weight you require and also potentially giving you a Kettlebell induction if your gym offers this. Resistance bands are brilliant exercise equipment, and if anything, are majorly underused by people. They come in various thicknesses depending on what your strength is and can be used for warm up stretches, balance technique, core strengthening & all-round toning/strengthening.


10 x 20m shuttles (As fast as possible)

10 x Kettlebell Swings

10 x Resistance Band Bicep Curls

10 x Kettlebell Floor Lying Tricep Extension (each arm)

10 x Resistance Band Shoulder Raises

Repeat 3 to 5 times

This workout works out most of the body, and although it is a HIIT workout, its designed for you to go at your own pace initially and increase the tempo, as you go on. You can also add any exercises you wish but don’t overload one muscle group or you will burnout before you achieve the full set.

Thanks to the guys at Mirafit for sending me my kettlebell and resistance band over, its been a great wake up call, with regards how versatile both these pieces of equipment are and also to get my ass into gear over the colder months. Mirafit do a full range of home gym equipment, so whether you have a full gym to equip or want one or 2 pieces of equipment, they have you covered.


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