St. Enoch – Valentine’s Gift Challenge

by Robbie
Me with my Valentines Gifts from St. Enoch

With Christmas firmly in the rear view mirror the next big occasion to creep up on us is the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate Valentines ‘s Day or the new trend that is GALentines Day (ladies celebrating ladies), it usually consists of swapping gifts, eating copious amounts of food in a romantic restaurant and “perhaps” some after-hours bedroom antics for the lucky ones out there.

For those of you struggling for gift ideas, and I totally feel your pain, I have teamed up with St. Enoch, Glasgow to hopefully help you out and point you in the right direction. If I can succeed then anyone can. For those of you that don’t know, St. Enoch, is a shopping Mall in Glasgow City Centre, and features numerous shops, including, Debenhams, Topshop/Topman, Hotel Chocolat, H&M, Body Shop, Yankee Candle, Ann Summers, Urban Bloom & Kimble’s.

I was challenged to find the ultimate, Valentine’s Gift(s) for my girlfriend, Natasha which is not the simplest of task’s as she doesn’t give much away in terms of what she likes. I started off by going to the one place that I never struggle to buy a gift in, Hotel Chocolat! This year they have a full range of chocolate related gifts starting at around £2.50 all the way up to around about £145 for a full-on chocolate and booze hamper. As well as loving the Chocolate, I also love the fact that their wrapping is always pristine, leaving little for me to do in the way of wrapping. I went for the Pick Me Gift Bag which contains something for everyone this February 14th: Milk & Cookies Slab with pools of milk and caramel chocolate studded with crunchy shortbread biscuit, half a dozen Passion Fruit hearts, mellow solid milk chocolate hearts, Vanilla and Eton Mess Duo.

After bagging the Hotel Chocolat, it was time to start confusing myself with what I might buy next. I headed into H&M, and happened across some good-looking pieces. I knew Tasha had been looking at Knitwear over the last few weeks, so when I found a lovely blue V-neck knitted jumper, I knew that I had to take the plunge and hope for the best. From there I headed around the corner to Body Shop which is another essential place to visit in terms of skincare & makeup. With no clue where to start, I was given a helping hand by the staff who asked Tasha’s skin type etc and pointed me towards the Drops of Light range.  I was looking for a cleansing product, eye cream and toner so I went for the Drops of Light Cleansing Foam & Pure Healthy Brightening Eye Cream and for the toner I went for the Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Toner. Buying skincare for others can be difficult but it makes it slightly easier if you have an idea of the products they currently or previously used and got on with. Top tip: ask questions about skin types etc when they are buying for themselves and REMEMBER IT!

To conclude my buying spree, I headed to Yankee Candle, I mean who doesn’t love a scented candle in this day and age? Yankee have a large range of candles and gift sets of all shapes and sizes but I went for one of their medium sized Shea Butter Jar Candles which from previous experience, have a long-lasting fragrance and burn time. From my point of view Yankee Candle provide easy wins on the gifting side of life as I know that Tasha is a lover of their candles.  From there I headed to Clinton’s and instead of buying a card I opted for a little Boofle Bear with a cute message attached even though I’m not the soppy type.

As well as the shops I visited and purchased gifts from there are an abundance of shops within St. Enoch Centre each providing their own unique gift ideas for Valentines Day. If you know your other half is a flower lover then look no further than Urban Blooms, who are located at the entrance to the centre and have a large selection of flowers, as well as a delivery service available (dependant on location). If you are looking for all thing’s makeup & fragrance then why not head to Debenhams which as THE department store of St Enoch’s has makeup and fragrance from a large range brands and at a variety of prices. Another option if you are stuck, might be to head to the NAF Nail Bar within Topshop where you can buy a gift voucher for her to chose the nails she wants.

Although not all my gifts are Valentines themed, I feel like I chose gifts that would make Tasha smile and would also have longevity, rather than gifts for one time of the year only. Now all that’s left for you to do is get down to St. Enoch and get your shop on……!!

*I was given a St. Enoch Gift Voucher in order to purchase my gifts. All of the gifts purchased and thoughts on St. Enoch & the shops within are my own. 

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