by Robbie

Motorcycles: They conjure up images of leather clad men and women riding around the countryside at high speed on machines that are colourful, powerful & technically outstanding. The motorcycle truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Even though I have never ridden or been a passenger on a motorcycle, I still find that they evoke a lot of feelings within me, due to the highly complexed nature of how they are designed & specifically how technically skilled you have to be in order to ride one. I suppose what I am trying to say is that I don’t have the balls to ride or get on a motorcycle but I admire them as machines and am jealous of those who do ride them. I’m sure we can all associate with different styles of motorcycle, such as the Chopper, Cruiser and Sports bike which all differ in many ways and are easily recognisable in their own right in a line-up.

Now you might be thinking, why are we talking motorcycles and you are well within your rights to think this but bear with me whilst I detail a brand new affordable motorcycle to the market from Birmingham based Mutt Motorcycles. Their Limited-Edition Fat Sabbath is a 125cc offering which packs a whole lot more punch.

Complete with a bullet proof, 4-stroke motor, super wide and chunky Continental Twin-duro tyres and all the finest fittings you’d expect on a modern bike, this is far and away the coolest 125cc out there. Naturally, it comes mounted on the widest front tyre Mutt have across the board. In fact, they’ve even had to fit an extra wide front mudguard to cover it.

Upon laying eyes on this motorcycle, I couldn’t help think how much I would love to be seen on a machine which is full of attitude and totally oozes style. Its at moments like these that I wish I had the balls to just go head first into getting a motorcycle licence in order to experience machines such as this beauty.

The list of celebrities who currently own the Mutt Fat Sabbath tells its own story. Tom Hardy (Actor), Skin (Musician/Skunk Anansie), Ben Ransom (Rugby), Iwan Thomas (Athlete), Rob Halliday (Musician/The Prodigy) and Lee Malia (Musician/Bring Me The Horizon) all bring their own style to their specific disciplines but one thing they all have is an appreciation of the super cool fine aesthetics Mutt have created.

Want to join the unique list of owners, well all you need is a spare £3,495 (+OTR) and a touch of style.

*All images are copyright of Mutt Motorcycles.

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