Post Gym Body & Skin Regime

by Robbie

It has been a while since I covered any skincare routines with you all on The Middle Aged Man. With summer supposedly arriving in the next few months it’s that time when holiday plans are finalised in order to get that dose of heat and sunshine you have been craving all year. With this in mind, a lot of people tend to start hitting the gym harder in order to get the desired beach body in order to fill up their Instagram feed with posts of their sculpted (or not) bodies in stunning locations around the world. I personally tend to stick with my gym routine year-round and post gym I always feel is an important time to make sure you revitalise your skin by using an array of products in the shower as well as on your skin after a shower.

My gym routines tend to last approximately one hour with a mixture of activities. Some days I will do weight training only, others a mix of cardio and weights and I also include full circuits into my workouts in order to make sure I work all of my body rather than just the parts I enjoy training (not legs). Training takes its toll on all the muscles as well as your skin and hair so it is important that you have a routine not only in the gym but also to rejuvenate your skin and hair post workout.

Jack Black – All-Over Wash

The most important products for me when showering is a solid well scented and refreshing shower gel or cream complete with a shower puff for applying said shower product to your body rather than using your hands. Over the past week I have been using an all over wash from Jack Black which is cruelty free, vegan and dermatologically tested and it smells great. This All-Over Wash gets rid of dirt and sweat without stripping essential oils from your skin, and after showering it leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. I personally only use this as a body wash as I prefer to use a specific shampoo for my hair and facewash for my face, but that’s not to say it shouldn’t be used as a shampoo or facewash.

Blind Barber – Shampoo & Bodywash

Picking a shampoo that is not going to dry out my scalp can be tricky but Blind Barber have developed a very good Lemongrass Tea Shampoo & Bodywash which keeps my hair clean, shiny and smelling good. This shampoo and bodywash is sulfate free which means it will remove any built-up product and residue but will not strip your hair, leaving it clean and fresh. Beautifully scented with Lemongrass, Rooibus Tea and Coconut oil, this “Custom Spirit” blend is gentle enough to be used daily and also doubles up as a body wash too.

Murdock London – Quince & Oakmoss Conditioner

Much like shampoo’s finding a conditioner that works for you can be quite difficult and throughout my life I’ve been through far too many to name. Murdock London, a name synonymous in the barbering and male grooming industry have an array of great products and their Quince & Oakmoss Conditioner is no different. Packed full of Pro Vitamin B, Vitamin E and Wheat Protein this is a conditioner designed to treat dry and damaged hair. It leaves my hair feeling smooth, shiny and keeps the scalp well moisturised. Due to having relatively short hair I only use a conditioner twice a week, to avoid drying my hair and scalp out. The trick for using a conditioner is to let it soak into your hair so wash your hair when you get in the shower then apply conditioner whilst you use bodywash and then rinse out right at the end of your shower for best results.

MMUK – Morning After Recovery Gel

Another very important time to take care of your skin is first thing in the morning and a product I have been using and loving over the past few weeks is the MMUK Morning After Recovery Gel which is a cooling gel perfect for those who suffer from blemished skin. Full of energy boosting properties and caffeine this gel will have you feeling refreshed whether you are recovering from the night before or heading into work on a dreich Monday morning. Effectively a moisturiser this is the ideal product for use after a shower and the tingly sensation you get upon application will have you perked up and feeling alive in no time.

From dirt to sweat and grim it is important to take care of your skin year-round and after a gym session it is important to stick with a specific group of products that suit your skin and hair type. I always try and test products in order to find out what works for me and I feel it is important to know what your skin and hair likes before spending money on products.

*Thanks to MMUK & for these products which were sent as samples. All thoughts on the products are my own.


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