Exploring the Great Outdoors with Jacamo

by Robbie

Scotland……a small country complete with buzzing metropolises’ as well as some of the most amazing countryside anywhere in the world. As a born and bred Townie I feel that throughout my 32 years of life I have failed to get out and explore the magnificence that the Scottish Countryside has to offer. This year I have decided to change all of this by getting out and about in the great outdoors and seeing Scotland through my own eyes rather than seeing all of its magnificence pass my by on the TV.

With the weather forever changing it is essential to make sure you have all the right equipment to keep you warm and dry when the inclement weather strikes. Thankfully, over the years I have accumulated various clothing, footwear and accessories to help me. One major item I have never possessed is a good quality waterproof & warm outdoor jacket which is a necessity for living in Scotland.

As a beginner I don’t plan on starting out by climbing Munro’s (over 3000ft) and other large mountains throughout Scotland but by completing less challenging walks in order to build up fitness for this type of activity as well as learning how to navigate properly. There are too many people out there who get lost and dress inappropriately for the inclement weather and I don’t plan on becoming another statistic of a Mountain Rescue team.

Last weekend I headed up to the East Coast of Scotland, firstly to the wonderful and picturesque University town of St Andrews to take in the sights and take a walk along the golden sands of West Beach and spectate on some golfers attempting to tame the world famous Old Course. From there I headed to Anstruther which is only 10 miles away from St Andrews and is a small fishing town with a world famous award winning chippy (so much for the health kick).  Whilst there I also took the short coastal walk from Anstruther to Pitenweem which weaves around rocky inlets, beaches and some fantastic vantage points of the area itself. Unfortunately the weather was not so kind and throughout the day the wind remained gusty and bitterly cold and the drizzle came down periodically. Thankfully before going I got hold of my Helly Hansen Maritime 2.0 Waterproof Jacket from Jacamo and it came into its own, with the micro polartec lining keeping me warm throughout and the breathable outer shell keeping me nice and dry. Having a waterproof breathable jacket is a must when out in the wilds as it keeps you dry and warm, without making you sweat like non breathable materials would.

Jacamo is a fashion retailer who I have always associated with selling high street fashion brands and clothes for the larger gent, but when I checked out their website for the first time in January (hangs my head) I realised that they actually provide clothing sized from medium to 5XL, which is a pretty broad spectrum. I also found that as well as selling everyday clothing and party gear, they also sell outdoor clothing (who knew) from various well-known brands including Helly Hansen, who provide great quality clothing for, sailing, skiing and the great outdoors.

Remember if you are heading out in the mountains or even into the great outdoors make sure you are well equipped and let someone know where you are headed and when you plan on returning.

*Many thanks to Jacamo for sending me the Helly Hansen Maritime 2.0 Jacket for review purposes.

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