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by Robbie

Happy New Year! Here’s a quick post with some tricks and tips to help stay you on track for your fitness and health resolutions – while they’re still afresh! I’ve teamed up with the guys over at to help you all get the down-low on some of the worlds leading fitness equipment.

First off, it’s important to develop a routine and make exercising a norm in your life. The hardest part is during that first couple weeks, when you’re still in the process of moulding working out into a habit. If you are used to heading straight for the couch and TV after work, that’s what your minds and bodies will continue to urge you to do. In order to fight these old habits, it’s important to make exercising a priority in your schedule – rather than an afterthought. Plan ahead. Set aside a block of time during your day/week where your sole focus is working out. And stick to it by setting yourself both short- and long-term goals. Once regular exercise becomes a routine – and you get hooked to that endorphin rush – your fitness resolution will seem a lot more surmountable. It’s just about getting past that initial hump first!

From a personal point of view, I work in Glasgow City Centre where I am a gym member and I force myself to attend the gym as soon as I finish work, which kills two birds with one stone and means I don’t even get the opportunity to see that comfy sofa lined up with the TV until I have worked out. Attending the gym straight after work isn’t for everyone but for me it’s when I work out best. We are all different and its up to you to find your prime work out time and start smashing it perhaps with some of the equipment discussed below.

Yep I know Christmas has been and gone, it seems like ages ago now eh……..but if you weren’t lucky enough to receive any fitness related tech then a great gift – to yourself or a loved one – that can also help you stay motivated is a fitness tracker! These sleek gadgets track your activity levels and offer visual representations of your fitness progress through syncing to a partner apps. The ability to visually see your fitness progress over time is a great way to stay inspired. A team of researchers at set out to find the best fitness trackers currently on the market, which are as follows:

Best Fitness Tracker Under £100: Garmin Vivofit 3 (£58.99)

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Best Heart Rate Monitoring Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Charge 2 (£89.89-99.00)

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Best Heart Rate Monitoring and GPS Fitness Tracker: Garmin Vívosmart HR+ (£74.99)

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If you are a “runner” like myself and have extra cash in your pocket, you might also want to consider investing in a treadmill for your home gym (I wish I could afford one of these). Especially in the winter, it can be hard to push yourself to go outside in the biting cold weather for a jog. In addition, the early sunsets and short days pose safety issues as well. also published a guide to the top treadmills, offering recommendations that are best for walkers, runners, training, and entertainment.

Best for walkers: ProForm 505 CST (£579.00)

Best with entertainment features: NordicTrack C 2950 (£1720.00)

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In this resource, you’ll also find general pointers when it comes to using and maintaining a treadmill.

But, it’s important to remember that the success of your health and fitness resolution does not depend on purchasing the latest fitness equipment – ultimately it comes down to you and your inner resolve. How will you make living a healthier lifestyle a routine? If you have any motivational tools and tricks, feel free to share below.

Many thanks to the guys at for their insight and choices. Remember guys & gals its best to read reviews before buying in life.



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