My Anti-Ageing Routine with MMUK MAN

by Robbie

Its inevitable that the ageing process will catch up with us all at some point in our lives, in turn causing us to turn to a variety of products designed specifically to help tackle the signs of ageing. I have teamed up with the guys over at MMUK Man to provide you all with some of the products I have been using to help me in my quest for younger looking skin.

As a 31, going on 32-year-old in a few weeks (I know I’m getting old) the onset of ageing skin has started to take effect on me, mainly around my eyes but no doubt there are other areas I haven’t fully noticed yet. A few of the products MMUK Man sent to me for this anti-ageing post are items I have never used before so what the hell, here goes!!

By using anti-ageing products, we shouldn’t expect miracles as no product is going to eradicate all those wrinkles and blemishes that ageing cause, but what they can help to do is to slow down the rate at which they arrive and also help to hide them on a day to day basis. First up for me was MMUK Man’s own brand of Firming Face & Eye Serum which is designed for use in both mornings and evenings and should be applied before your moisturiser. Designed to be used on all skin types, this serum improves tired and sagging skin’s appearance especially around the eyes where it tightens the soft skin around your eyes, whilst also reducing the visibility of those dreaded dark circles and crow’s feet that a lot of us get under our eyes.

After applying the serum and letting it dry into my skin it was time to try another new product to me and that was the Billy Jealousy Face Moisturiser with SPF 30. A lot of you might be thinking, its winter in the UK so why do I need a moisturiser with SPF. The answer is that no matter what the weather or temperature, our delicate skin is still subject to harmful rays which damage our skin and can cause serious issues. This moisturiser also has technology built in to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst also supplying the skin with a good level of hydration. It should be noted that SPF within moisturisers does not offer the same protection as using a complete SPF but for those with a busy schedule and who are unable to apply moisturiser & a separate SPF throughout the day, this is the next best thing as you still get some cover. Personally, I always make sure my moisturiser has an SPF built in and this product from a brand I have previously never heard of did provide ample protection although it was slightly thicker than my usual everyday moisturiser.

Specific products for the eyes specifically for guys are on the rise, and a lot of them can either be used on their own or in conjunction with other products. For your chosen product, be sure to understand the best way to use the product as these do vary. Another new product and brand for me is Jack Black’s Protein Booster Eye Rescue which is designed as an age control product specifically for use around the eye, in order to reduce expression lines and crow’s feet. Sound like I’m on repeat well you wouldn’t be wrong but this product is designed to be used on fresh clean skin in the morning and evening and if I was you, I would generally apply this and then a moisturiser and forego a serum too as putting too much on your skin at once can often lead to no actual success. This product is very airy gel which makes it nice and light, and easy to apply. From using this over the past couple of weeks I feel like the lines below my eyes have visibly reduced. I generally do use an eye cream in everyday life but until I received this one I had been slacking, but upon seeing the improvement I won’t make that mistake again. I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for an Eye Gel or Cream.

Tinted Moisturisers, not something for everyone but some guys prefer a tinted moisturiser. Personally, I like to stick with a normal non-tinted moisturiser. I was sent Henri Lloyd’s Ocean Mineral Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 15 which I won’t lie I only used a couple of times as I just prefer a non-tinted moisturiser. This product is super hydrating and also gives you that SPF protection that I mentioned earlier whilst the tinting also helps to cover up those little skin blemishes that we all have. Obviously, the fact that the moisturiser is tinted helps to give you that tanned look that we all crave especially in these winter months without you damaging your skin in the pursuit of the perfect winter tan, by this I mean using sunbeds. From a personal point of view tinted moisturisers aren’t for me but I can definitely see the value of them and I know people that swear by them so if its your thing this product will be right up your street.

So, there you have it, some products that I have been using over the past few weeks in order to help slow down the ageing process. There market for male skincare and anti-ageing products is really quite saturated so make sure to try before you buy. Ask for some samples wherever you go rather than spending a fortune on something you “think” will work for you. MMUK Man has a huge range of skincare and makeup specifically designed for men and you can browse the website for all of the featured products here.

*Thanks to MMUK Man for providing the products for this post. All thoughts are my own.

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