Four of the Best from November

by Robbie

Its that time of year again when everyone is looking at gift guides and deciding what presents to buy their loved ones. As I don’t like to go with the flow, instead of a gift guide I am going to tell you all my favourite 4 products/brands that I have discovered in the month of November. The shops are stocked high and low with potential Christmas Gifts but rather than go for some obvious examples, I have chosen a varied array of products from the world of skincare, shave care, hair care, in ear audio and umbrellas which you won’t find on the shelves of any supermarket but as you will see have stood out to me.

First up is an array of both shaving and hair care products from a very well-known brand in the world of barbering and men’s grooming, Murdock London, who ever since I discovered them a couple of years ago have stood out as having products that ooze class and style from their packaging to the ingredients and make up of the products themselves. Their award-winning Beard Shampoo and Conditioner are some of the best on the market, and are PH balanced which help to make sure both your beard and the skin underneath both stay in prime condition. To complete the fresh beard, look why it would be rude not to use some of their ultra-manly smelling beard oil which will leave your beard feeling smooth and looking pristine. If you don’t wish your beard to look shiny why not leave the beard oil in overnight to help repair both your beard and skin. With your beard sorted its time to get that hair looking just as dapper and that’s where Murdock’s Matt Mud comes in. Ideal for those looking for a matt finish who have either thin or fluffy hair, the latter of which I have. From a personal point of view this Matt Mud is a quality product which has a low hold with a great matt finish which makes it super easy to style whichever way you want. I would only use this product on dry hair in order to get the most from it. Murdock London have a huge array of male grooming and barbering products which are available here.

From the grooming world we move into the realm of In Ear Audio, namely to the Pioneer Rayz Plus Earphones which in my book, are an iPhone users dream earphone. Available only with a lightening connector these are the very first set of earphones designed for Apple to feature the option to charge your phone whilst also listening to music. For me this feature is something I have been waiting on since the controversial lightening adaptor was introduced as there is nothing worse than having to unplug your earphones in order to get some much-needed charge in order for you to browse social media and listen to that music. The Rayz also have built in noise cancellation which adjust to your surroundings in order to make sure you don’t end up in a dangerous situation due to not being able to hear what is going on around you. You also have the option of installing the Pioneer Rayz app which calibrates & lets you personalise your Rayz to your exact liking. The sound from these little beauties is exceptional and all the features packed in are sensational but the one and only let down for me is the face that although there are various sizes of ear buds, I struggle to keep them in my ears for a prolonged period without them falling out. Overall if you are an Apple fan I would recommend these as a high-end earphone option and they are priced at £149.95 and you can buy them here.

Back to the world of male grooming and supplements, with Proverb who only launched in October 2017. The brainchild of a male ex rugby pro & a female with 10+ years in the beauty industry the brand was created to appeal to all men but specifically those who keep themselves active in all environments as well as providing a skin supplement for the active chaps amongst us. The two products I have been trialling are their Skin Resistance Training Supplement & Strengthening Skin Serum. I know some of you might be thinking that the Skin Resistance Training Supplement is a just another training supplement but no this one as well as having training and skin benefits also features resveratrol which is great for those looking to stop the ageing process slightly as it contains anti-ageing benefits as well as anti-oxidants which we all pine after to keep our skin as healthy as possible in a natural way. The Strengthening Skin Serum is a very smooth and thin feeling base layer that should be applied before your main moisturiser of choice. Again, this contains ingredients that help to combat the ageing process which with me into my 30’s is something I take seriously nowadays. It also features glycoproteins which help to repair and fortify your skin under your layer of moisturiser, which in theory means healthier skin after use for a decent amount of time. As with all skincare products there is no easy fix and perseverance is key and making sure a product is right for you. The perfect little additions to that Christmas Stocking. Proverb offer a range of 6 products in total and they are priced from £30 and are available here.

With the winter weather in full force in Glasgow I decided to ditch my trusty golf umbrella and trade up for a stylish and versatile little number from London Undercover. Let’s face it winters in the UK are usually a combination of cold, wind, rain and snow, sometimes all in a 24hr period and that’s where London Undercover’s brand-new range of auto compact umbrellas come in. With some stylish designs to chose from they are the perfect addition to your backpack for whatever the weather has to throw at you in any given day. I went for plain black with a splash of neon yellow on the para-cord strap rather than sticking to the usual boring plain black. The umbrella itself when opened is large enough to keep you dry and sturdy and strong enough to withstand some fairly strong winds (I don’t advise going hurricane hunting). London Undercover to a full range of umbrellas that you can check out here and the little beauty I bought cost £35 and is so far, my best AW purchase of 2017 so definitely a must buy if you wish to stay dry, looking dapper and owning the winter.

That concludes my four favourite products and brands from November and ones that I will continue to use, whether it be in my grooming routine, to stay dry in the great Scottish winter or to keep my music blasting in my ears.

P.S. Don’t be that guy on the train that blasts their music so loud that everyone around you can have a singalong too.

*Many thanks to Murdock London, Pioneer & Proverb for sending me their products to review. All views in the post are my own.

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