Siabann – Bearr Man Range

by Robbie

Being from Scotland I am always intrigued and excited by brands hailing from my homeland. There has been a sharp incline in brands from Scotland in the past few years and one of these in the skin care sector is Siabann (Gaelic for Soap for those wondering). Rooted in the picturesque Ochill Hills in the heart of Scotland, the Siabann Soap & Skincare kitchen produces soap and skincare for all the family, made with natural ingredients.

Bearr (Shave in Gaelic) Man, is a range of skin care, beard care and shaving products designed by Siabann specifically for men. As with the rest of the range the ingredients are all found in this beautiful country and Thistle Oil is the focal point of these, giving gents the opportunity to nourish their skin using natural oil found in the Scottish countryside.

Fiona Ritchie the brainchild behind the brand was kind enough to send me some samples from the Bearr Man range in order for me to try them out and give my thoughts on them. What I received was the Wee Bearr Gift Box which features 3 different products which are all related or can be used within a shaving routine. The packaging is simple, cute and effective and stands out in a crowd.

For the shavers out there like me, it can be a struggle to find a good shaving foam/soap that fully agrees with your skin and leaves you without a rash but Bearr Man Soap is a little block of happiness, loaded with shea butter and thistle oil which leaves your skin feeling refreshed, cleansed and looking it’s best after a bit of razor action. All you need is a shaving brush, soap tray and away you go. For only £5.00 what are you waiting for……. buy Bearr Man Soap here.

After a shave you need something to soothe that skin and that’s where Bearr Man Soothe comes in. Packed full of Aloe Vera and Thistle Oil which provide cooling and soothing properties all you have to do is place a wee drop on your fingers, pat it onto your skin and then gently rub it in. Bearr Man Soothe is available for £12.50 here.

The final product and part of my Bearr Man routine involves their Balm which is one of my favourite smelling skin care products ever. This is an all in one product which can be used literally on any body part. From a lip balm to rough skin smoothing balm it is a product that packs a punch, just don’t try and have a nibble when smelling the minty goodness. Shea Butter, Beeswax, Thistle Oil & Jojoba Oil are the main ingredients in this cute little tub of goodness which will leave your skin smelling great and feeling silky smooth all year round. Bearr Man Balm costs £10.00 and is available here.

All of the Bearr Man range of products that I have tried out, are equal to or better than any shaving products on the market and a fraction of the price of some of them too. I have sensitive skin and after using the range I still had a wee bit of rash but nothing compared to what I previously had from my high street shaving routine.

It is important to add that all Siabann products and ranges are not tested on animals.

*Thanks to Siabann for sending me these products for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.

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