What’s in my ManCave??

by Robbie

When it comes to the modern-day man there are varying things we require to keep us happy depending on your train of thought but one thing that I think most men could agree on is that they would love to have their very own Man Cave. What guy doesn’t want his own lockable space for him and his friends to play video games, watch sport, listen to embarrassing music and generally have a great time where they cannot be disturbed by the fairer sex?? Come on ladies we need an escape every now and then, it’s not like we are asking for a hall pass, just some time to spend doing what guys do in their own company.

Well unfortunately due to these “Man Caves” tending to cost a fair bit of money to kit out so I will be telling you all about a different ManCave, that’s right there is a British brand on the market bearing the clever name ManCave.  The brand caters for men’s needs when it comes to all things grooming, from shampoo, to face scrubs and skincare products the guys at ManCave have taken every inch of the everyday gent’s needs into consideration. Each product is made with completely natural ingredients and they all have their own scents and feature ManCave’s very own hashtag slogan #OWNTHEBATHROOM.

Not content with placements in top magazines such as GQ and Mens Health the ManCave chaps and possible chapettes decided to send me a wee care package in order for me to check out some of their products for myself. The product packaging is clever in that it has an ode to its natural ingredients by featuring contour lines and little tree symbols on brown packaging which is minimal in design and to me will help it stand out in a crowded shelf of male grooming products. I have been road testing the products for approximately two weeks and will now talk about each one separately.

ManCave Sensitive Face Wash

Finding a solid facewash for sensitive skin is something that can be hard to come by at a good price but this little gem has managed to succeed in making me feel cleansed without irritating my skin. This face wash features the ingredients, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, White Tea, Nordic Cotton and Vitamin E. This combination of ingredients leads to a very fresh and clean scented facewash which soothes and purifies the skin, leaving it feel refreshed and revitalised without drying it. The Vitamin E within the facewash helps skin to fight the ageing process which let’s be honest we are all trying to combat no matter how baby faced you may appear. All in all, this is a great little product that I would recommend to those of you with sensitive skin.

ManCave Sensitive Face Wash is available for £5.99 for 125ml and can be bought here.

Mancave Sensitive Moisturiser

After revitalising your face with the ManCave Sensitive Face Wash it’s time to apply their sensitive moisturiser which is designed to sooth and hydrate the skin, replenishing any essential oils your skin requires to stay looking healthy. Another product I likes as it’s a nice thick moisturiser once shaken that doesn’t leave you looking all shiny and oily. This product smells very similar to the face wash with the only addition to the ingredients being Shea Butter which helps to soften the skin, leaving it silky smooth. As a sensitive double act, this moisturiser and the face wash go hand in hand and do the job they were designed to, which for those sensitive souls out there, me included means we now have some more skincare choices at high street prices.

ManCave Sensitive Moisturiser is available for £6.99 for 100ml and can be bought here.

ManCave Protective Moisturiser

Yep, another moisturiser but this one comes complete with SPF 20 and Anti-Ageing Properties. In my eyes, every brand that deals in skincare should provide a product that comes complete with an SPF moisturiser, due to the hazardous effects the sun has on our skin. This moisturiser features Rosehip Oil, Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, White Tea and Radicare. The added bonus with this SPF moisturiser is that it helps to fight the ageing process. The scent is similar to other moisturising sun creams out there but the Shea Butter helps to sweeten the fragrance. This has been my everyday moisturiser when out in the elements and it keeps you feeling refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. For those who are regularly exposed to the elements in everyday life this is a product I would highly recommend and remember everyone keep that skin protected.

ManCave Protective Moisturiser is available for £8.99 for 100ml and can be bought here.

ManCave Texturising Hair Paste

A change of tact from the skincare products, I also tried their texturising hair paste which is generally the type of product I would use in my hair. With a soft light texture this paste is easy to work into your hands and then all that’s required is for you to style to your desire. I will say that due to my hair being extremely thick and heavy I had to apply more of this product than I would like. The scent is described as a whiskey scent and I’m afraid from a personal point of view it was too strong for me but again that was probably due to the amount of product I had to use in order to achieve my desired style. A product that would be perfect for some individuals who don’t have thick hair and require a high hold.

ManCave Texturising Hair Paste is available for £8.50 for 75ml and can be bought here.

So, there you have it, some products to add to your very own ManCave and remember to tag them on Social Media with #OWNTHEBATHROOM. Don’t forget to let me know how you found ManCave’s range of products.

*Thank you to ManCave for sending me these products for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.


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