Iffley Road Running Club

by Robbie

In this day and age both fitness and fashion come hand in hand with the majority of runners and gym bunnies wanting to look the part during their workout of choice. The past few years have seen a fashion and fitness explosion with many low cost gyms popping up on every corner and fitness fashion brands becoming more and more popular and exclusive.

One such brand is Iffley Road who are named after the iconic track in Oxford where British runner Roger Bannister ran the first sub 4-minute mile. The brand is the brainchild of a husband and wife team from the UK who are both avid runners and wanted to design running kit that looked sharp, felt great and didn’t compromise on technical performance. Each garment that Iffley Road produce was designed in Britain and made in Europe using only the finest high performance materials in order to give that long lasting technical performance you need from running gear.

Iffley Road were kind enough to send me one of their Brand New Cambrain T-Shirts to trial and I haven’t been disappointed. I have been taking my own little fitness journey for the past few months and incorporating more outdoor running into my schedule has been a big change as I always used to stay in the gym on a treadmill but running outdoors is a totally different kettle of fish and one that I now prefer due to the freedom you have. Feeling comfortable whilst out running is a massive thing for me as being uncomfortable and irritated will only mean one thing (I will give up)!! The Cambrain T-shirt is super soft and made from dry release micro blend pique which makes it extremely light, durable and it wicks away perspiration during your run. I for one will be wearing my Cambrain T as much as possible due to the fact that it looks great, and meets all the criteria I look for in good running gear.

The Iffley Road Cambrain T-Shirt costs £68, which some of you may be thinking that’s very expensive for a t-shirt but due to all the points I mentioned previously I think it is worth every penny. As well as this T shirt, Iffley Road also have a full range of running gear for males, ranging from shorts through to jackets and gillets which are all designed with the needs of runners in mind. So runners if you are feeling the need to find some new threads then Iffley Road are 100% a brand to check out.

You can get the Iffley Road Cambrain T shirt here.

*Thank you to Iffley Road for providing their Cambrain T-Shirt for review purposes.

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