Exploring Glasgow With Doughnut Bags

by Robbie

When it comes to mentioning doughnuts in conversation there is only one thing that everyone thinks of, a lovely fried doughy confectionery from your local bakers or specialised doughnut producer. Well that was the case until now!! Enter Doughnut Bags who have recently expanded their empire to include sales in the UK and I can tell you now they provide a lot more talking points than their namesake, and don’t come with a health warning either.

I recently received their American Vintage Cordura backpack in Black which also features some lovely brown leather straps. This backpack is made from Cordura fabric which is durable, meaning that it is water resistant and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, which makes it perfect for the great outdoors. The American Vintage comes complete with not only a 15” laptop compartment but also a separate iPad compartment which for a blogger makes it absolutely perfect as it has lots of room to pack in a camera, and any other props or clothing that are required for a day out.

Talking of days out, I decided to take a wander around Glasgow, my home city, and take in some of the sights along with my Doughnut American Vintage to give you all a small insight into some of what Glasgow has to offer and to also test out how comfortable the backpack is.

I started off in George Square which for those of you that don’t know is effectively the central square within Glasgow City Centre. It is flanked on one side by the stunning building that houses the Glasgow City Chambers and the other sides play host to bars, restaurants and a hotel. Throughout the year George Square plays host to numerous events and this year some of the highlights have been the Restaurant in the Sky and Piping Live which was present during my visit due to the World Bagpipe Championships being held at Glasgow Green on the same weekend.

With George Square being central I decided to head down to the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) in Royal Exchange Square which is about a 1-minute walk from George Square and is easy to spot with the now world-famous Duke of Wellington statue, complete with Traffic Cone, standing directly outside. The GoMA is free to enter 7 days a week and features some absolutely stunning exhibitions throughout the four galleries.

From GoMA, I headed into Merchant City which is Glasgow’s Cultural Quarter and in my eyes, is one of the most visually impressive areas in Glasgow with respect to the architecture and how vibrant the area is. Complete with upmarket shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs there truly is something for everyone including the pretty awesome Mango Bike in the picture which I couldn’t walk part without getting a snap. For eating out the newly refurbished Hutcheson’s Bar & Grill is a must try, housed within the A-Listed 19th century Hutcheson’s Hall there really isn’t a more visually impressive eatery in Glasgow. If you are heading out for a few drinks, you could do a lot worse than heading to Brutti Ma Bruoni which is housed within the Brunswick Hotel and at weekends has a great atmosphere, good music and even better beverages.

To end my mini tour of Glasgow I decided to go and check out some of the amazing street art that is on show throughout the City. Popping up at mind boggling speed there is something for everyone. The 3 murals featuring the Big Yin, Billy Connolly are sights to behold, so if you have some spare time I suggest you get your walk on, and hunt these beauties down. As for other street art if you take a walk around Merchant City you will find pieces around most corners, some little and hidden, and others covering full walls.

Present throughout my Glasgow Mini Tour, well apart from The Everyday Man was my Doughnut Backpack which had ample room for my camera, a change of shoes and an outdoor jacket, what with the weather in Scotland being so unpredictable this is a must. Thankfully it didn’t rain on my wee day-trip so I can’t comment on how waterproof this Doughnut is but from the material I’d say you are pretty safe if caught in a few showers.

No Doughnuts were harmed or eaten throughout this journey!!!

Some other ideas you may not have though of include checking out Escape Reality Glasgow or maybe checking out The Golf Lounge, both great ways for groups to challenge themselves in comfortable surroundings.

*Thanks to Doughnut Bags for sending me their American Vintage Cordura for review purposes. You can purchase Doughnut Bags direct from their website or from ASOS.

*Sponsored Link from Escape Reality Glasgow

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