Traditional razors vs. disposable: what’s the difference?

by Robbie


If you’re not a frequent shaver or you’re simply just on a bit of a budget, spending a load of money on a ‘proper’ razor might seem like a complete waste of money. It is so much easier to keep using disposables, after all you know the results you’re going to get and it’s easy, right? Actually, investing a little more money in a traditional razor may actually save you money in the long run and give you a better shave. Trendhim are here to talk us through two types of traditional razors, safety and straight, and their benefits and usage.

Double-edged safety razors

If you’re thinking about moving away from disposable razors but are a little unsure about where to start, then safety razors are a great option. They have the same appearance of your standard disposable razor and you also hold them in the same way which is great as there’s no new techniques to learn.

Safety razors are comprised of one blade with two exposed sharp edges. You might have been misled into thinking that the more blades a razor has, the better it is. This is actually false as multiple blades cause more irritation to the skin and more ingrown hairs as the cheap metal wears down quickly and unevenly and the blades pull at your skin.

Using a razor with multiple blades also causes so much more of your skin to be pulled off during a shave. Along with this skin comes oils that work to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated. With these being taken away your skin becomes much more prone to razor burn and irritation.  

Your first few shaves with a supermarket razor might be great, but they quickly deteriorate and you’re left having to repurchase. This isn’t the case with safety razors due to the longevity of the high-quality single blade.

So, how do you use them? They are designed to be used with a light touch so don’t apply too much pressure as it’s unnecessary and it will cause irritation. Also be sure to shave in the direction of hair growth to also avoid bumps. As you would with a regular shave, make sure to prepare your face properly by having a warm shower or applying warm water and then use a shaving foam, cream or soap.

The blade in a safety razor does need to be replaced, but overall it still works out more cost effective than constantly replacing disposables. This is because the razor itself is the biggest cost and you pay this up front. This razor will then last years and the only thing you need to worry about is the blades which can be bought in bulk.

Straight razors

If you’re tired of having to constantly replace razors and blades, then a straight razor might be a good option for you. They are a little bit trickier to master, but by no means impossible. Depending on the model they can be a little more expensive than safety razors but again, they actually work out cheaper in the long run. This is because you can use the same blade for a lifetime and only have to worry about stropping or sharpening.

Because of the exposed blade, safety razors can be dangerous if you aren’t fully aware about how to use them. As it is difficult to explain verbally, make sure to watch some video tutorials on YouTube before you get started so you can see how the razor should be held in your hand and what angle it should be held against your face and so on. The general rule is just to take it slow your first few shaves and make sure to have washed your face with some warm water before you start to soften the hairs.

Bear in mind that many people see shaving with a straight razor as a hobby rather than a chore because of the amount of time it takes to prepare the razor and execute the shave. Therefore, make sure you have time available to dedicate to learning how to use it properly, otherwise it will just end up as a waste of money.

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