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by Robbie

Men’s grooming has a brand-new name to add to its ranks in the form of Stoer Skincare. The founder of Stoer, Scottish Businesswoman & Beauty Therapist Marianne Morrison created this skincare for men brand having worked with a large number of men who didn’t feel the current male skincare market was rounded enough. With a host of concerns being raised Marianne set about creating products that were designed to take these concerns and different environments into consideration. What she created was Stoer Skincare.

Stoer Skincare is actually named after a very small village on Scotland’s West Coast that holds a cherished place in Marianne’s heart as she has family roots there. It is also a place where the environment can change from one extreme to another in a matter of minutes which perfectly echoes the “environment shield” aspects of Stoer’s formula.

Some of the key ideas that helped to turn the dream of Stoer into a reality were the sourcing of ingredients that could help improve the look and feel of skin but also ones that could also help to protect the skin from the rigours of pollution, adverse weather and also environmental aggressors such as central heating. The sourcing of these ingredients led to Stoer’s signature Clima5 Technology which combines a unique blend of 5 different plant actives from four different challenging climates. These ingredients are Peat from Scotland to shield and hydrate, Barbary Fig from Mexico to protect and soothe, Alpine plant from Italy to improve elasticity and firmness, Wakame from Japan to increase collagen and protect against pollution and Baobab Leaf from West Africa to protect against wrinkles.

From all this hard work Stoer have produced an initial batch of five products which are exclusively available from Harvey Nichols. I have been testing them all for the past few weeks to get a feel for them before writing my review. Before I get into the review I have normal skin which can be a tad dry around my cheeks and eyes.

Foaming Face Wash

Face Washes are a product that all males and females should have in their routine due to all the unseen dirt and other horrible stuff that your skin collects each day. Stoer have produced a face wash that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed and like it’s had a good cleanse. I have been using this product as part of my morning routine which sets me up and helps me to feel fresh before a long day at the office.

Stoer Skincare’s Foaming Face Wash is available here for £24.00

Detox Face Scrub

Another must have for all males out there, giving your face a scrub at least two or three times a week helps to replenish the skin and remove any grime and dead skin. This is my favourite product from the Stoer range due to the strong exfoliating particles which are made from natural volcanic ingredients as opposed to those horrible little micro-beads which do nothing for your skin. I tend to use the scrub as part of my evening skincare routine and I can safely say my skin is feeling softer than ever.

Stoer Skincare’s Detox Face Scrub is available here for £27.00

Vitamin Power Mask

As the name suggests this is a face-mask specifically designed for men and this is one hell of a good skincare product. I have tried many face-masks before but this leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and rejuvenated. I have incorporated this into my post work skincare routine, usually using it after I have used the Detox Face Scrub.

Stoer Skincare’s Vitamin Power Mask is available here for £35.00

Firm & Protect Serum

Usually a serum comes hand in hand with a moisturiser but Stoer are still working on developing their moisturiser so I have been using this serum with my usual moisturiser and I really like it. I have previously used other serums and have thought what is the point in them as they have left my skin looking oily. This product however has a matt finish and it hydrates your skin so you don’t have that post shower dry, tight skin. When a moisturiser is released it will be interesting to see how the two, work hand in hand but as it stands I will be continuing to use this serum.

Stoer Skincare’s Firm & Protect Serum is available here for £40.00

Energising Eye Serum

I have used eye cream for a couple of years to help reduce the on slot of under eye wrinkles and dark ring so was intrigued what differences this product would bring to the party. Unfortunately, from a personal point of view I still prefer an eye cream as opposed to a serum. I just felt that I was left with a bit too much shine under my eyes after using the serum. As we know everyone has different skin types and thoughts on their chosen skincare so I would recommend trying everything if you like the sound of it.

Stoer Skincare’s Energising Eye Serum is available here for £32.00

All in all, Stoer Skincare have produced five very well rounded luxury skincare products which all smell lovely (what is that scent??) which contain some of the most technologically advanced methods in order to ensure that men around the world have the option to purchase some of the most environmentally protective skincare the world has ever seen.

Stoer Skincare encapsulates the most up to date technology in order to make sure their products do the job they are designed to by using Cosmetic Drone Technology which is something I have never heard of before so rather than me rabble on about how it works why not check out the video below which explains all.

*Thanks to Stoer Skincare for sending me these products for review purposes. All views within this post are my own.

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