Snakhive London Phone Cases

by Robbie

In this day and age everyone from kids all the way through to the older generations own and use mobile phones on a regular basis. The one thing I haven’t seen a lot of are sturdy and good looking phone cases to accessorise these phones. This is where London based family business Snakehive come in. Founded in 2009 and offering a wide variety of phone cases for Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Nokia/Microsoft and Sony, Snakehive are on hand to provide sturdy, affordable and most of all stunning looking, well-made phone cases.

Snakhive very kindly sent me one of their Vintage Two Tone Wallets which are their newest (2015 release) and sexiest case to date. The wallet I opted for was the Black/Navy combo which goes nicely with my black iPhone 7. Designed in the UK and hand crafted in the EU, Snakehive strive for perfection in all respects. Each wallet is crafted by fusing two pieces of Nubuck Leather together by hand in order to provide both style and durability. As well as providing a rubber inner in order to secure and protect your phone (your life), each of these Vintage Two Tone Wallets also come complete with a few card holders too (the perfect way to maximise pocket space).

Upon removing my wallet from the premium packaging that oozes luxury the first thing that struck me was the smell of fresh leather which instantly gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, that the marketing is spot on and there is no fake leather in use here. The tan colouring of the pigskin inner leather combines well with the Navy Blue and Black suede outer and made me think that for the price of the case, it is definitely a bargain. Furthermore, there is hand stitching evident all over the wallet which adds to the luxury vibes and gives the user (MEEEE) that “personal” feeling, as opposed to a mass-produced factory item.

Snakehive was a brand I wasn’t aware of until this collaboration and until then my phone case was a bog-standard thing that holds your case and not a lot else. I can safely say that I have had my eyes opened and that styling my phone correctly is something I should have done a long time ago. Better late than never my iPhone is not complete with not just a phone case but a wallet meaning that whilst out and about all I need to remember is my phone rather than filling my pockets with pointless items. Luxury is the name of the game for Snakehive and in my eyes, they have hit the nail on the head with their Vintage Collection, a sexy sleek and slim case that also offers a high level of protection and durability.

Snakehive’s Vintage Two Tone Cases are available from only £16.95 and are available here.

Please get in touch with your stories regarding Snakehive products and if you haven’t already checked them out, now is the time.

*This case was sent by Snakehive for review purposes, all thoughts above are my own.

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