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by Robbie

Own a computer or laptop?? If the answer is yes which in most cases it will be then perhaps you will have heard of Penclic and their range of products to pair with your tech. Personally until I was offered the chance to check out the Penclic D3 Mouse I hadn’t heard of them as a brand before, mostly due to the fact that I am not a very computer/tech savvy person with the exception of using a laptop and mobile phone. So rather than just a plain and simple review I thought why not give you all some background to the brand and their overall product line-up.

Who are Penclic?

Penclic are a Swedish brand who were formed in 2011 with the idea of combining the latest tech with a sleek, ergonomic design. The theory behind Penclic was to re-interpret traditional computer accessories and make them both stylish, comfortable to use and also provide products that cater for those who struggle with repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

What Products do Penclic provide?

Along with their variation of the traditional computer mouse, Penclic also offer USB connectable Keypads, NumPads, Trackpads along with a number of accessories such as mouse mats, computer stands, bags, cases and travel kits. As expected from a Scandinavian brand all their products have a sleek, minimal look about them but provide all the features expected. Along with USB based products Penclic also provide a range of wireless and Bluetooth devices. This leads me onto my review of the Penclic D3 Mouse.

Penclic D3 Mouse Review

As a laptop user, the option of having a separate mouse has never really crossed my mind. When Penclic got in touch and offered the chance to try out their D3 Corded Mouse I duly accepted to see what all the fuss is about. On first viewing you would be thinking the D3 looks more like a mini mouse with pen attached to it and you wouldn’t be wrong. Unlike the traditional mouse there is absolutely no need to move it around you simply hold and move the pen around using only your fingers thus minimising the effects and probability of an RSI. The D3 has 2 main buttons like a traditional mouse as well as a scrolling button and these are all incorporated onto the pen itself, so no need to move your fingers from the pen part of the mouse. The D3 is designed to be used by both Left and Right handed individuals which in my eyes is a massive positive.

The downside to this mouse for me is that due to the fact that I barely use my laptop for anything other than browsing and word processing I wouldn’t need a mouse like this for my usage type. For those who use their computer for more complicated tasking’s such as photo editing, graphic design and the likes, then the Penclic D3 is definitely a product which I would recommend due how precise its movements are and the fact its pen shaped which could help with implementing the finer details on design programs.

A lovely little product designed with the user in mind and attention to detail that is second to none.

The Penclic D3 Mouse is available at £49.99 and is available here.

*Thanks to Penclic for allowing me to trial their D3 Mouse. All thoughts are my own.

Photography are a mix of Penclic images and my own.

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