Swisse Multivitamins: Fuelling Me & Team GB

by Robbie


I have been lucky enough in the last month to be checking out the Swisse Vitamins range and now it’s time for me to provide my thoughts on the products I have been using.

Swisse is Australia’s #1 Multivitamin Brand and have branched out to the UK where they are exclusively available at Boots. Swisse are the official vitamin choice of Team GB who they supported throughout their highly successful Rio Olympics in the summer

For my work and as part of my everyday routine I have used various vitamins in order to help maintain my heathy lifestyle and also to compliment my diet. I travel a lot with work and due to this I chose to check out the Men’s Ultivite Multivitamins, Ultiplus Energy B +, Energy Ultivite Effervescence, Ultiplus Maximum Strength Fish Oil and Herbal Sleep Aid. I will review the products separately but I have been taking them concurrently with the exception of the Herbal Sleep Aid.

Swisse Men’s Ultivite Multivitamins

I have used multivitamins since my school days so when Swisse asked me to check theirs out it was a no brainer. I took my Swisse multivitamins around the world and compared to previous brands I have used; I found that my immune system has been much stronger since I started using them. I’ve had no reported cold sore outbreaks which I am usually prone to J. Packed with 41 ingredients, easy to swallow and no horrible flavour, this will be a product I will be continuing to purchase.

Swisse Men’s Ultivite Multivitamins retail at £9.99 for 60 tablets and are available here.

Swisse Ultiplus Energy B +

I have to admit to having never used any energy-based supplement before and I was slightly apprehensive before taking these, due to some horror stories I have heard from people regarding “energy” supplements. These apprehensions were put to bed when I began my trial and I found that taking one of these with my breakfast perked me up for the day ahead and gave me an extra dose of both mental and physical energy when I required it. After a long day’s work, I sometimes struggle to motivate myself or find the energy to go to the gym, but while taking Swisse Energy B + I have found that extra little kick required to get me to the gym post work. As well as a large dose of vitamin B, these tablets also contain Vitamins C & E and Zinc. The tablets are easy to swallow and don’t be put off by the fishy smell they don’t have a funny after taste once you swallow them.

Swisse Ultiplus Energy B + retail at £19.99 for 40 tablets and are available here.

Swisse Energy Ultivite Effervescent

These little effervescent vitamins provide a lot of the same output as the Energy B+ tablets but are great if you are not one for swallowing large tablets or capsules. I used these whilst flying rather than taking the Energy B+ tablets, it’s as simple as getting some water popping in a dissolving effervescent and away you go, energy & hydration all in one go. The tablets dissolve quickly and they taste good too, not too orangey, the way I like mine. Of course, this is dependent on how much water you use alongside the tablet. Personally, I used about 150ml along with my effervescent and this was perfect for me and as I can never sleep on a plane it helped to keep me alert for all the feeding, reading and watching TV whilst on board. I will be saving these little beauts for my travelling as they take up minimal room and work just as well as the Swisse Ultiplus Energy B+ Tablets.

Swisse Energy Ultivite Effervescent retail at £8.99 for 10 tablets or £16.49 for 20 tablets and are available here.

Ultiplus Maximum Strength Fish Oil

I have been using other branded maximum strength fish oil capsules for years and until now I hadn’t found any that didn’t leave you with a horrible fishy taste in your mouth during your day. Swisse however have managed to remove this problem and they also have the highest strength capsules I’ve come across so I have nothing but good things to say on that front. The capsules themselves are packed full of ingredients which promote a healthy lifestyle. I won’t bore you with all the ins and outs, but for me the one thing I love about these capsules are that they seem to be helping no end with revitalizing the dry skin I get from shaving daily. I for one will be making this product one of my vitamin staples, top marks.

Swisse Ultiplus Maximum Strength Fish Oil retail at £24.99 for 60 capsules (one a day) and are available here.

Swisse Herbal Sleep Aid

Sleeping for me has never been an issue, unless I’m travelling in which case there is no chance I will catch any Z’s. I will freely admit I have not tried these Herbal Sleep Aids myself as I have been sleeping well on a nightly basis. However, my work colleague is not as lucky as me and when she said she was having difficulty sleeping I offered these tablets to see if they helped her get 50 winks. Upon taking the tablets at around 10pm my colleague stated that she fell asleep around midnight and slept right through until her alarm at 7am. Solid sleep is always a helper when it comes to the long work day ahead.

It must be added that the Swisse Sleep Aid is a traditional herbal medicine as opposed to a food supplement and inside every pack there is a patient information leaflet stating all the important information you need to know about the product. The recommended dosage for adults is 2 tablets taken 1 hour before you go to bed and finally it is not recommended that you take the Swisse Sleep Aid alongside any other sleep or anxiety medication.

Swisse Herbal Sleep Aid retail at £4.99 for 30 tablets and are available here.

Aside from the products I have reviewed, Swisse also have a huge number of other products for all your needs. It’s definitely time to check them out :).

*Swisse UK sent me these products to review. The findings are all my own thoughts.


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