Review: Big Chefs JBR The Beach Dubai

by Robbie

Food…… of my favourite things in the world, and let’s face it most people are in the same boat. There is nothing more satisfying than having a good meal with good company in a lovely location.  Since I have been in Dubai I have been lucky enough to eat at many different places all over the city. One of my favourite meals I have had was at Big Chefs at JBR The Beach which has an extensive menu and is set amongst the beach promenade area where you can sunbathe, shop, eat or if you are that way inclined, get your running shoes on and take a run on the purpose built seafront running path.

Big Chefs (not to be mistaken or compared in the UK with Little Chef) has its origins in Istanbul, Turkey but has recently branched out into the Middle East. The restaurant serves international cuisine such as Tapas, Kebab, Fajitas, Steaks Pizzas etc. You name it, its available and the standard of food on my visit was delicious and the service was second to none.

Upon arrival myself and my work colleague were greeted warmly by the staff and were asked if we had a seating preference which is always a nice touch. I love to people watch so sitting at the window was ideal. The first things I noticed were the interior of the place, with high ceilings, low level hanging lights, a massive book shelf in the corner and all the wood interior furnishings give the place a very sleek and welcoming look as well as it giving the hopeful assurance that you have made a good choice of restaurant.


Now onto the fun part, the food. The staff brought out a nice little bowl of warm bread courtesy of Big Chefs which is always a nice touch. Due to this we both decided to skip the starters and went straight to the main courses and although I fancied most things on the menu I decided to plump for the Combo Fajita with Chicken and Steak as I generally love them and like to compare them to other restaurants. The food was brought out in a timely fashion and as soon as my Fajitas arrived on the sizzling plate with a cute little tray of toppings I knew I was in for a good feast. There was an abundance of meat and for me this is something I love rather than finding two bits of meat and unlimited onions and peppers so thank you for that Big Chefs. My only complaint and its being picky would be that the salsa was more like ketchup with pieces of onion through it. Overall this was a delicious main at a very reasonable price and I would happily eat it over and over again.


Since I skipped my started I couldn’t resist having a look at the dessert menu and as soon as I saw Belgian Waffles served with seasonal fruits (makes it healthy), cream, ice cream and chocolate sauce I had to have them. A visually impressive dish on arrival, I could tell I was in for a treat and it didn’t disappoint. The crisp but chewy waffles which I dowsed in chocolate sauce were complimented by fresh strawberries and banana as well as vanilla ice cream and cream and I can safely say I would have licked the plate clean if it wasn’t bad manners.


If you find yourself in Dubai and are struggling for somewhere to eat I would highly recommend Big Chefs at JBR The Beach.  With a menu spanning 19 pages if you can’t find something you like to eat here at a great price then its time you gave up ;). Check out Big Chefs Instagram page for some food inspiration.

I am not working in collaboration with Big Chefs at JBR The Beach.

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